Welcome to my digital art world. With over 8 years of expertise collaborating with diverse clients, studios, designers, tech companies, startups, and publishers, I break free from conventional "illustrator" labels. My strength lies in the versatility of my craft. I'm a whiz at navigating various artistic styles, constantly pushing boundaries and embracing experimentation.

I work fully digitally,  with a specialty in creating illustrations (both raster and vector) tailored for the web, enriching company sites and social media landscapes. But currently, my passion lies in 2D animation and motion design, where I'm developing a fluency in AfterEffects from character animation to kinetic text.

Beyond the pixels, catch me on the dance floor (front left), finding secret passages in Elden Ring, or jet-setting to Italy for a pasticiotto. My off-screen adventures extend to AI-generated art with Midjourney, my newest creative companion.

Explore the spectrum of my working styles, from static illustrations that captivate online audiences to dynamic animations that tell compelling stories.

Have an animation idea in mind? Wondering about the intricacies of my creative process? Or just want to know more about pasticiotti?

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I'm a digital artist with more than 8 years of experience working with studios, designers, tech companies, startups, and publishers. I don't fit into many people's "illustrator" boxes, and my work doesn't either. I think that's one of my strong suits! I'm not tied to just one artistic style, and I love experimenting.

I primarily create digital illustrations for use around the web, on company sites or social media. Animation is my latest obsession. I'm learning how to bring my illustrations to life and tell more compelling and creative stories with motion design.

When I'm not at my computer you can find me on the dancefloor (front left), in the gym, 5 meters in the air training aerial silks, or taking a quick flight to Puglia for a pasticiotto. But don't worry about my availability: I'm quick to answer emails, I'm a pro when it comes to remote work, and I pride myself on my flexible and portable setup!

Curious about my working style? Got an idea for an animation? Want to more about pasticiotti?
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