© 2020 Mary Delaney

I worked with fellow designers from the Factory Berlin Designer's Circle to create an original limited-run zine inspired by our weekly meetups.

We printed the zine as an A1 poster with a full-color illustration on the back.

An Illustration of block in the desert with shelves full of yellow paper transforming into origami beetles

The topic of the zine was Hidden Gems, referring to half-finished projects or ideas that we created for ourselves or clients, but that never ultimately saw the light of day. It's common in design to discard ideas along the way to the eventual solution, but what happens to those discarded ideas? Maybe some of them can come back to life. We decided to highlight a few in this zine.

Sketch for the Hidden Gems illustration for the Factory Berlin Designer's Circle Zine

Early on I landed on the idea of representing discarded ideas as sheets of paper lying in a forgotten drawer. I liked the idea that they might have their own unique lives inside those drawers, and that the illustration could show them coming back to life and transforming into something new.


From the start I wanted to give the illustration a surreal and dreamy feel, especially since I had just been playing and was inspired by the game Monument Valley. I experimented a lot with how to incorporate non-euclidean geometry into the main shape. My designer collaborators helped with suggestions to get to the final result.