© 2020 Mary Delaney

I worked with Tourlane to create a series of illustrations that would accompany their blog post on the various roles for designers in the Tech industry in 2019.

Illustration of an Information Architect, showing a man creating a hierarchy of importance for a web design layout
Visual Designer illustration showing a woman designing a megaphone
Illustration of a female UX Copywriter arranging text in different ways inside a big web design layout
Illustration of a UI/UX Designer showing a person with two sets of different design skills
Illustration of a UI Designer creating a web design layout for a smartphone
Illustration of an Interaction Designer, showing a male designer arranging information on a website
Visual Experience VX Designer animated gif showing a female designer holding different moving buttons

I loved how this assignment challenged my conceptual skills. I had to find ways to represent design jobs (which mostly all involve working on a laptop!) in interesting and unique ways that would clearly show how the roles differ. I had a great art director who helped me get to the essence of each role and find a big visual metaphor that would make the differences clear.


I put these visual metaphors into a fantastical world where people can physically interact with digital tools (like web layouts, vector paths, and logical hierarchies). To me this also captures the appeal of working as a designer: some aspects of the job are pure magic.

Sketch of a female UX designer opening a box to work on the code inside
Sketch of a male Information Architect standing next to a visual hierarchy
Sketch of a female UX copywriter adding written content to a website
Sketch of a female UX researcher holding up a test tube
Skech of a male UI designer signing his graphic design
Sketch of a female Graphic Designer drawing a shape with the pen tool

You can find the full set of images in the blog post!